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I'm Erin

Capturing memories is my passion.

I'm Erin, and I believe that there is nothing as precious as documenting your earliest days as a family.

When I became a parent seven years ago, I was certain that I would remember everything. The way their faces looked while they slept, the way their fingers curled around mine, and the way that we rocked in our favorite chair while they nursed. I lived in the moment and soaked in every memory.

But the problem, I soon learned, is that our family kept making new memories. And as we filled our lives with more love and laughter, my earliest memories began to fade. 

I want you to have all the memories. I'm here so that you can look back on all the moments that make these early days with your baby so extraordinary. The way they look at you, their stretch when they wake up, the way their little lips make the perfect "o" while they sleep. 

Because there is simply nothing more precious.

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